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Many prestigious news journals have started their own wine clubs. The Times of London and San Francisco Chronicle have been doing this for years.  More recently, The Wall Street Journal has partnered with Wines Direct of London.  The "Discovery Club" by WSJ Wine is now delivering wines to most  of the U.S.  It has started a special introductory offer to bring finer vintages into American homes.   With the intent of promoting quality wines at an affordable fee, it offers:

  • A special introductory rate of just under $6 per bottle.  A case of 12 comes to $69.95.
  • Two free introductory gifts including a deluxe lever-action corkscrew and tasting notes binder.
  • A new case shipped every three months at the standard rate of $139.99
WSJ Wine: What makes it different?
  • An affordable price of $139.99 on a case shipped quarterly, rather than monthly or bi-monthly.
  • Discounted price of at least 20% off standard case price.
  • No membership fees or contracts.
  • A money-back guarantee.
  • Quality wines
  • Wine education - WSJ Wine does a superb job of educating their customers about wine.
  • Wines shipped to most of the U.S.
WSJ Wine vs. primary competitors (sites similar to WSJ Wine)

As a news organization which has started its own wine club, it could be assumed that WSJ Wine is in direct competition with the San Francisco Chronicle's wine club.  Still, there are many things which set these two clubs apart:

  1. San Francisco Chronicle's wine club allows for two wines to be shipped per month at a rate of $39.95 per month.  Though this rate is higher than WSJ Wine, it offers wines picked by their esteemed food and wine professionals.  It includes detailed information about recipe pairings, tasting notes and wine backgrounds.  In comparison, WSJ Wine Club offers 12 wines every 3 months at a rate of $139.95. It also includes a tasting binder with notes and excellent educational information.
  2. San Francisco Chronicle's wine club ships to only 19 states within the country, which are almost exslusively in the western or central parts of the U.S.  WSJ Wine Club, in comparison, ships to most states.
  3. The San Franciso Chronicle has the added prestige of hosting the highly respected annual San Franciso Chronicle Wine Competition.  This lends value to their experts as well as their wine club. 
WSJ Wine: Product images & screenshots
WSJ Wine Coupons
WSJ Wine: Detailed review

So what is there not to like?  Well, that depends upon whom you ask. 

As an introductory offer,  the Discover Club is superb.  A case of quality wine for just under $70 is an excellent deal, even if no further gifts are offered.  The selection is rather good, if a bit limited.  The majority of wines come from either the U.S. or France.  While this may be a strong selling point with The Wall Street Journal's regular audience, it might seem a bit lacking for those who want to discover the wines of, for example, Africa or the Middle East.  Though some wines may be virtual unknowns, they tend to have strong reviews.  This would be an excellent start for the novice who desires to learn more about wine.  To quote

The WSJ Wine Club, called the Discovery Club, offers quality wines on a quarterly basis for an affordable fee. It caters mainly to the average wine drinker, while if you are a seasoned wine enthusiast or connoisseur you might prefer something different.

Certain critiques of WSJ Wine have been unfounded.  There is no need for concern that the impact on the club will effect editorial decisions at The Wall Street Journal.  The Journal itself famously does not allow their staff to have any input on the wine club.  WSJ Wine is operated entirely independently of the news department.  The Wall Street Journal does not have a liquor license.  The wines are picked and shipped by an outside source, Wines Direct of London.

There are more applicable critiques of WSJ Wine.  It should be noted that its online reputation is less than stellar.  It has received enough poor reviews that it is no longer recommended by the Wine Club Directory, due to repeated customer service issues  In addition, they have been criticized for giving reviews which might be misleading in order to present their wines in a more positive light.  I would recommend reading wine reviews from other sources before you decide upon a particular label. 

Still, WSJ Wine has some strong selling points: 

  • They offer a full money-back guarantee should a customer be less than satisifed with any particular wine.
  • An affordable price with a case of wine being shipped quarterly.  This allows the customer to leisurely drink one bottle per week before the next case shipment.
  • Savings of at least 20% off the standard price per case.
  • A guarantee of quality wines.
  • The customer can choose either all red wines, white wines or a mixed case.
  • Members can opt out of certain wines or choose not to have a case shipped at all.
  • No membership fees or contracts.  Members can cancel at any time.
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Comments (6)

Great review, Rachel.

Robert Solis

Excellent review.

Ranked #5 in

Sharla and Robert, thank you very much. It is sincerely appreciated.


Rachel - Shame on you for using (or keeping) a 14 month old review on line. Your review is not even close to the truth. I purchased my first case of WSJ wine and it included wines from the USA, France, Spain, Itaty, Australia and Argentina. If you do another review, please do it in the current year at the least. Oh, order your first case so you can write about the real world.

In defense of Rachel, once an article has been submitted and accepted for publication on Factoidz, the author cannot remove it from the the Factoidz site. . . outdated or not. Only Factoidz administrators can remove articles.

Ranked #5 in

Larry, I hope I do not need to explain to you that this is not a personal blog site. Once an article is published, it becomes the property of They can choose whether to publish a review, keep a review and how it will look - including what topics are covered in the review. They choose the formats which these articles and reviews are written. You are welcome to object to this by taking it up directly with the management at Factoidz. Assuming you have the ability to write a criticism of the review without attacking the person writing it, I would point out that you didn't exactly address any specific points I made. I'm delighted that you are happy with your purchase but saying you got wines from certain countries is not the same as saying that the focus of the club is on wines from certain areas. For example, I stated, "The majority of wines come from either the U.S. or France." At the time of this comment, this is still correct. They offer 145 wines from the U.S. and 120 wines from France. Compare that to 27 wines from Argentina, 31 from Australia, 39 from Spain, a measly 5 from South Africa and a flat 0 from anywhere in the Middle East, including Israel. Living in the "real world" and having an extensive background in wine sales, wine tastings and having belonged to many wine clubs for over 15 years, I can say that this is, unfortunately, lacking. (If anyone from the WSJ Wine Club is reading this, I hope you will look to include at least some of the exquisite wines coming from Israel and Lebanon - and there's a lot more to Lebanese wines than the Chateau Musar cult. I'd also add, if you're wanting to educate your consumers about wines from South America, there are any number of exquisite wineries in Uruguay, most of which focus on the tannat grape.) I'm also curious why you would take such umbrage at a wine club review that is, overall, extremely positive - taking the time to refute many other criticisms that have been leveled at the WSJ Wine Club? In any case, I stand by my review. If you have any specific points you would like to make about this review, I will do my best to address them point by point.

Customer Reviews
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WSJ Wine 1 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
Matt Xie — 61 months ago
1.0 Star Rating: Not Recommended
“Bad service!! ”

Their wine and service are really bad! I tried to cancel the order they automatically created quarterly (which I even not noticed when I placed the first introductory order) , they said they couldn't cancel because it is in Process, but it hasn't been shipped yet!! I have to contact the courier to send it back to them before they can refund it to me? Why you treat and play game with your customer like this???

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